IMeditate Therapy

I help people with:


Feelings of tension, worry often with physical symptoms from stomach complaints to eczema. Also included within this are fears and phobias.



Feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope as a result of pressures that feel unmanageable.

Limiting Beliefs

The things we believe about ourselves that hold us back from our goals and happiness. Affecting confidence, self worth and self love.


It is easy to do what you need to overcome your challenges.

Step 1

The first step for you is to book a free discovery session.

This is a 20 minute chat to explore your challenges and methods that we can use for you to overcome these challenge.


Step 2

Once we have had a chat, depending upon what options you have chosen you can book you 1 2 1 session here.


If you have opted for a block booking of 5 appointment (Buy 4 get 1 free) Click below

IMeditate 5 session booking

IMeditate 5 session booking


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