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Therapeutic Guided Mediation

Therapeutic Guided Mediation,


From personal insight to rapid change.

TGM is a powerful therapy to help you access understanding, solutions to life's challenges and to transform your life.

TGM-a meditational therapy

TGM allows you to access your inner landscape and change, and transform it to meet any situation.


Shift how you see the world to make empowering changes that get you where you want to go.

Guided Meditation Therapy builds a bridge to the unconscious mind, using the language of the unconscious mind, metaphor, which is the key that will bring you the solutions you need to live life with more peace, purpose and happiness..

The beauty of TGM is you do not need to talk about personal stuff, or go raking through the past to facilitate the change you seek.


TGM as a therapy can be used for all sorts of issues, whether your desire is improved health, enhanced creativity, better relationships, or anything else that you may want to change.


It can allow you to connect with the pathway that you want to take in life to achieve the peace, success and happiness that you deserve.


This is very powerful.

Your session

You will be guided into a meditation state.


Once relaxed and focused you will create the inner landscape that relates to the challenge you face, a little like an inner map.

You are able throughout the session to communicate without disturbing the meditation.

Answering questions along the way.

A session last approximately an hour. the process has two parts.

1. Discovering the landscape/map
2. Redesigning the Map/landscape.

Therapeutic Guided Meditation

To discuss your appointment

Call Rob today to discuss how TGM can help you.

+44 780 0799 578

Sessions are carried out over Zoom.


TGM is run alongside Help4LIfe - You will be taken to the H4L site to make your appointemnt.

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