The Keys to Your Reality

Most of us are familiar with the idea that we only use a small amount of our minds true potential. Yet how many of is know how to use the bit we do correctly. The following is a brief guide to how to use your mind effectively and powerfully.

The Subconscious mind is a vast repository of possibility and power. You literally have within your mind a tool that can change your experiencing of you, which in turn will change your life experience. I am not saying you can change reality, but you can change your self, which in turn will transform how you experience reality and how you live your life. The subconscious mind protects us, unfortunately it does not always act in our best interest. With a natural inclination to pattern match, often we will have reacted in a certain way to a certain situation, our subconscious mind will then cause us to react in that way to any situation that seems similar. Which then forms behavioral habits. These habits can be beneficial, or if the founding experience had a negative edge can hold us back and affect how we experience the present. Rather than experiencing every new moment as a fresh experience, the past is allowed to taint the moment. If that past is one that holds fear, hurt or other negative experiences then a moment of possible new potential and opportunity maybe lost due to accessing those past moments.

The wonderful thing is that we can work with our subconscious minds, we can create a new reality, reprogramming ourselves, freeing us from past patterns, habits and behaviors and creating an us that lives more fully, more authentically. Take for instance a grey and rainy day.  You may wake, look out the window and tell yourself that this is a grey, miserable day, your subconscious mind will evoke all the past grey miserable days and all the negative feelings associated with this from the past. You get out of bed and everything is an effort. Alternatively you can wake up on the same morning, see the rain and clouds and think about how amazing it is that we have this life sustaining rain, that were it not for the rain we would not live in such a green and pleasant land (based on being in Britain.) You may think about how those small rain drops join streams and rivers, flowing into the sea, all the life that the sea holds and marvel at how amazing life is. Just this change in thinking, just this change in WHAT YOU TELL YOURSELF will send you off into the day feeling good.

5 keys to your reality.