Personal transformation, a kind of magic.

We have the ability to be more than we know

I believe that you and I are not as different as we believe, I believe that at an inner level, you and I have all the skills, wisdom and power that we need to make changes to our lives. To live congruently with ourselves, to live an authentic life in balance with ourselves and our needs. We have an innate calling to become all that we already are, ourselves made perfect. I also believe that when we choose to make those changes that are in alignment with our true self, be it by ourselves, with the support of another or in groups that we witness something that is both profound, beautiful and transformative. At that moment of change, something happens, that something I call magic.

I can hand on heart say I believe in magic. But let me expand upon this, how I come to this belief and what I mean by this.

From early on in my life I have always had a fascination with magic, the mind and the idea of reality. By the age of eleven I found myself reading books on hypnosis, psychology, spirituality and consciousness. I had an interest in the work of secret societies and a fascination with belief. I first hypnotised someone in junior school, the second time at senior school at about age 12, this occasion got me into a little trouble, who would have thought teachers believed in spells? As time moves on I started to explore meditation, self hypnosis expanding my knowledge and experience, willing to explore many different areas. I am not going to go into lots of detail, that is a conversation we can have when we meet some time. I merely tell you this so as to show you that these areas of study have been a part of the majority of my life. Not, as my mother had thought, "just a passing phase that I would grow out of."

Forgive me a digression. Have you ever looked at the underlying purpose of the world of real magic? From secret societies to the founders of the modern day new age movements all were engaged with what was known as the "The Great Work." Put simply, a journey of self discovery upon which the soul aim is to become the very best expression of yourself possible. Also to be found in yoga and the underpinning of religion.

I spent a number of years working with children with behavioral issues. During this time I was introduced to the work of Psychologist Carl Rogers. In the writings of Rogers I discovered the core belief that all life has at its most basic fundamental level the call to grow, to become the very best it can be, mirroring the age old pursuit of humanity. In eastern spirituality this would be called self-realisation, in the western world and therapeutic world this is known as self-actualisation.

Life, will always strive towards fulfillment.

The journey to becoming a fully functioning human being. In discovering