HELP! I Am a homeworker, get me out of Here!

Homeworking and Covid 19

Spring 2020 certainly saw the workplace turned upside down. Covid 19 lock down meant that many were either unable to work or started to work from home.

A few months in and are the cracks starting to show? A recent study suggested that 61% of homeworkers would return back tomorrow given half a chance. On the other-side, businesses are finding that productivity is up as much as 15%, without the distractions of the workplace, people appear to work harder.

As time goes by however we see more and more people starting to feel the pressure. Loneliness, stress through to burn out, panic attacks and depression. Support for staff does not stop when they work from home, as employers the mental well-being of those who work for you is just as important.

In the last week or so, in conversation with various HR departments it appears that part of the problem is that there are no guidelines to cover the current situation. The workplace does not know how support homeworkers needs. There are companies now starting to focus upon this and those who take action sooner will benefit if the future of the office is to be satellited from peoples houses.

Obviously, as an employer you cannot force your workers to do things to help, however for people to know that their is support available is always of benefit.

Here are a few ways that you can help your homeworkers. Solutions do not always have to be complicated, but can make a big difference.