And a new door opens...

So we are at the point of the UK opening up a little more. This latest step makes it possible to start seeing clients in the real world again.

A strange notion, the novelty of being able to work with people face to face.

The last time I worked with a person face to face was pre the first lockdown and since then I have moved home twice. Set up an online hypnosis business and meditation community.

Now, I am starting a new, in a new town. Which in some ways makes it feel that I have in theory stated 3 new businesses in the past 5 years. I started my hypnosis practice in Shrewsbury, covid hit and it all went online and now opening the door to practice here in Whitchurch. Life certainly is interesting.

When returning back to work there are a few things we can do to beat the back to work worries.

  1. Prep for Success

First day back is always going to be a challenging. There will be stiff to catch up on, new information to process, possible new practices. Be kind to yourself, get some good sleep on the build up and look at your day and plan it out based on what you know you have to do.

2. Check in With Yourself

Think back to the last time you were away from work. Is this a new anxiety, or is this something you’ve experienced before? What are the thoughts that are causing it, or are you feeling a more general sense of unease? Figure out what is causing you to feel this way. Once you have the thoughts behind the feeling you can start to plan ways to change that. Hypnotherapy can be a great way of dealing with those thoughts if you are having difficulty in getting there yourself.