A sign saying "Think for Peace!"

At the beginning of the summer I was chatting to a good friend of mine Tim A. Cummins the verbal surgeon. (Check out Tim's Podcasts, they are awesome. http://verbalsurgery.libsyn.com/ ) I was looking for a way of moving things forward toward a direction I felt happy with. Later that day Tim messaged me saying that he had in his head the image of myself, sitting around with a group of people, looking like we were doing meditation, there was also a sign saying " Think for Peace!"

"Do not know if means anything but had to share it with you." said Tim.

Something about this vision resonated with me, but how to unfold it's meaning?

Think for Peace sign in the Hypno Temple

As I was taking the Hypno Temple out and about this summer I decided that the one thing that I could do with Tim's vision was to create the sign. You see, when we have an idea, a goal it is good to look at how we imagine the finished project, then to bring it back to now and look at what parts of that can we create today. This works well with creating a happier life. Ask yourself, what things will make life happier, be realistic, but also allow yourself to dream. When you have the idea of that life ask yourself, "What is it that I am doing in my dream that I can do now?" Maybe you see yourself meditating everyday, so make that thing happen. Anyway, you get the gist, if not message me and we can talk further about making life happier for you.

Back to the sign.

Over the summer I have met lots of wonderful people. They have chatted to me about the Hypno Temple, had treatments and sessions in the Hypno Temple and needless to say have asked me about the sign.

"What is with the sign?" they have asked.

"I don't know :-) " has been the reply. I then have explained how it came to be and then listened to what others have had to say.