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"The most healthy and enlightening relationship between two people is one of mutual fulfilment, as in the Yin-Yang polarity when interests are aligned and individuals share a common goal, and a joint process in the Dance."


The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom

Chunbgliang Al Huang & Jerry Lynch


Spirit of Growth

Rob Chapman

Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Hypnosis

Rob believes that no one should have to struggle. Through meditation, self hypnosis and hypnosis Rob equips others to have the tools they need to discover more inner peace, creativity and happiness in their lives.

Rob has been practising meditation since the age of 11, some 34 years. He trained with the British School of Yoga. He has also trained and mentored under some of the biggest names in personal development and hypnosis.

His approach with IMeditate combines all his experience and learning to help people meditate and find greater happiness.

You can discover more of Rob's therapeutic work by visiting HERE

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